IT Solutions Since 1999

We are Motale Systems, a professional IT Solutions Provider for SMEs.

This business was founded by a software developer who has been building online systems since 1999, including the development of Online Banking at one of the Big4 banks for 16 years.

Now he’s working full-time to help SMEs attain the benefits of professional and reliable business platforms.

Our vision is to see every SME being able put their full focus on what they are good at, and still have their admin in order without lifting a finger.

What We Do



Business Platform as a Service

Trading as SME Platforms, we provide business-platforms-as-a-service for SMEs to operate effectively.


Systems Development

For more customised platforms, we do specialised projects where we provide:

Systems Analysis
Systems Development
Systems Administration


Provision of Digital Hardware

Our clients need tools to get online and operate there among other things. We have partnerships and a team in place to offer:

Office Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Power Backup and Cameras

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